courtneymacall (courtneymacall) wrote,

Boring Night!!!

Today has been soooo boring. I ended up going for a ride with Ben tonight. He was pretty depressed cause him and his gf got in to a fight or something. I tried to help, but I really didn't know what to say. I finally talked to Nathan today after 2 1/2 days. He said he is having a great time in Florida. I miss him! I really wanna tell him how much I like him, but I am afraid it will change things between me and him. At times he acts like he likes me then others he acts like he don't. I wish I could just read his mind lol so I would know how he feels about me. I guess when he gets back I should think about telling him how I feel. I really think I just need to get outta this town for a few days. I think I might talk to my parents about going and spending a few days with my aunt in Nevada. This town just has too much drama right now and I'm sooo sick of it all!!!!! My parents just need to figure out what they are doing. It's kinda obvious they ain't gonna work their relationship out. I want my life to just calm down and get back to normal. Everything is so damn complicated!!! Talking to Nathan does help though, he gets my mind off it all. Ben asked me tonight why I liked Nathan so much, it took me awhile to answer. Why I like him is kinda hard to explain. He is soo funny and sweet. I have never ran out of things to talk about with him & he is just different then all the other guys I have liked. I know I probably talk about him way too much but I just can't get him off my mind! Well thats all ferr 2night. Laterrr

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