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New Years Eve!

So I was having a pretty good New Years Eve until my mom's phone called me on accident. She is supposed to be up North with Sarah (one of her friends) but when I answered I could hear a man's voice. I'm pretty sure it was Ed (one of the guys she has an affair with) Me and one of my friends sat on the phone and listened to them for about 40 minutes. I could not really tell what they were saying but every once in awhile I could. I recorded some of the conversations and I plan to tell my dad when he gets home. This whole thing does not really surprise me, I mean I figured she was with him, but I just did not expect that call. Other than that I have had a pretty good night. I baked a cake and well it tasted good but it did not work out the way I wanted to lol. Me and Makell (one of my friends) watched the Hangover, I have seen it already and it's still so funny :) After that we watched Paranormal Activity. Holy Shit that is one trippy movie!!! We were both sooo damn scared. Well that's all so far, for this night. I am ready for the New Year, and hope 2010 will be better than 2009 :)

I have not talked to Nathan much, And I think maybe I will give up on him.
Ohh and I don't think me and James are gonna give it another shot. I have not talked to him today
and yesterday he kinda started being a jerk again! (ooooo shocker!)
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