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New Year!

So, It's officially 2010 :) I'm gonna try my hardest to make this one better than last!
I'm hoping tonight goes the way I want it to, and I have some fun. I'm gonna hang with Tayson, Zach, Nia, Calie, and maybe Makell. Just chill and watch some movies I guess.
Ben just told me he still likes me. The problem is, I already know I will never like him as more than a friend. I hate telling him that though :(
Ohhh, and my mom called. I told her I heard her conversation. She denied it all. She was supposed to be coming home today, but now she ain't coming home till tomorrow. Haha big surprise there!
I am just so sick of being in the middle of all the drama I guess. No matter what I do, I always end up in it some how weather it's, family, friends, or boys! When I talked to my dad he said they were gonna get a divorce for sure. Again now I'm just waiting for that to really happen. We talked about how, when they got a divorce I would probably have to meet Ed. I know he is probably a nice guy but after all this and him still being with my mom, knowing she is married, I'm not sure if I will ever really like him. I just think that would be really weird having him as a step dad, and having to spend holidays with them. I'm ready for a change though. All this shit has gotta stop soon!
I guess that's all ferr now.
Here's to the future, cause I'm done with the past :)
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