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So, I had a pretty good night watching movies with Tayson, Zach, Calie, and Carly. But now I am super confused! Tayson told me Christmas Eve that he still liked me, and then tonight I kinda started to like him again too and so I asked him if he meant it and he said he don't know. That he does but he wants to be single. Why do me and him do this all the time?? He likes me and I don't like him, then I start to like him again and he stops liking me, so I get over him and he starts liking me again. It's so stupid. I have always regretted dumping him like I did, and ever since I did two years ago nothing has been the same between us. I was so stupid for hurting him like that, and at times I kinda wish he would give me another chance. No matter what me and him will be friends, we have been since we were little and we promised we would always be there for each other. I just hope we both keep that promise! I don't know what will happen, and I still do like Nathan so much. I just can't wait for him to get back from Florida, so I can figure out how he feels about me. So I honestly think I'm done with James forever, I mean I can't promise but I'm sick of him being an ass, so we are not talking till he changes. I honestly am so confused! I just wish I could find a boy that treats me right, likes me, and I like him back, I thought I had found that boy when I dated Aaron. But I was sadly wrong. He just ended up standing me up, then breaking my heart on Halloween. Haha, I just really need to figure some things out!!!!
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