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So last night after tossing and turning for a hour I finally fell asleep, and what do ya know James (an ex I talked about before) calls at 1 in the morning. I answered the phone and he just called to say hi then we hung up. After that it took forever for me to fall back asleep. It just seems like he don't want me to move on, but he don't wanna be with me that bad. If he was really sorry for hurting me like he did, then he would dump his girlfriend and do everything in his power to get me back right? I know he is just playing me and I have got to move on. And I really like one guy and I kinda like a few others. It just seems like every time I stop talking to James and I'm doing good he calls or texts me. He is really confusing, but I have decided that most boys are confusing.
Ohh Nathan is back in town from Florida :) I have not got to see him yet, but I am hoping to find out how he feels about me soon! I have to go back to school tomorrow so I will get to see him then. I was hoping he would come to the basketball game last night but he didn't, and I ended up having to work so it was okay. I honestly don't know what to do. Plus on top of all that I'm not really talking to my mom considering everything she has done. She does not understand why I'm mad though.
That's all for the moment(: PEACE!
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