courtneymacall (courtneymacall) wrote,

What a mess!

Life totally sucks right now! I just had to move back up to my grandma's cause of my parents fighting. I went to get my stuff and my mom was pissed, she called the cops and now it's just one big drama mess! On top of all that I'm not feeling very well. I hate having a period, worse time of the month!!! And stress ain't helping it.
James got dumped though and me and him kinda started talking again. I still kinda like Nathan but I'm starting to get over him, considering I still have not found out how he feels about me. Saturday night I texted Shilo (Ex bf who my dad does not like) for a while. I forgot to delete my texts and my dad read them while I was sleeping. I am so over shilo and I only wanna be friends with him, but my dad thinks I am gonna get back together with him. He says he is going to move but honestly I don't want him too :(
Me and Thomas are talking again, and he says he wished he wouldn't of have to move. I miss him so much! He is planning on coming down this summer and spending some times with me :) I can't wait! I totally regret braking up with him last year, and when I told him that tonight he said he never quit liking me anyways. I wish he could just move back
Well thats all for the moment
Tags: confused, sad, sick

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