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I have had a great past couple day(: Finally doin good again. I have kinda started to give James another chance but I still ain't sure. Friday night was kinda fun. I hung out with Tayson, Zach, and Haegen. I had a good time, but Haegen was all over me and being really perverted as always. Saturday I went to the wrestling tournament with Lauren (friend) all day. We went mud bogging that night was rode around it was really fun. Sunday I went with Lauren and Shilo (friends and Lauren's bf) to the mountains. It was way cold but we had tons of fun(:
Yesterday I went to Cedar and then to Lauren's surprise birthday party. It was fun. I decided not to text James yesterday to see if he would text me, and sure enough he did. I told him I have noticed how things had changed since we went out the first time and he sent me this text:
Your still my baby girl and I love you with all my heart. Your the most beautiful girl in the world, and I am sorry if I haven't showed it, I have been stressed about school.
I was really happy to hear him say that, but then today he put on his facebook status that he was going to hang out with Sarah (girl I don't know) I texted him and he said it was his cousin, but from the status that's not what it seemed like. I don't know if I should believe him because he also told me Michelle was like a sis to him and he would never date him, and next thing I knew he broke up with me and started going out with her just days later.
If he does that again to me, I will never give him another chance. I am tired of getting hurt by boys, and it is kinda my fault cause I always seem to fall for the boys that I know are going to hurt me. Jake (boy who likes me) had also been texting me a lot this week. He is really sweet(:
I found out that Aaron (ex and boy I think I loved) moved to Oaklahoma :( I was kinda sad when I found that out, even though I have not talked to him for quite awhile. Hmmm I really just wanna know if James is lying or not.
I am officially excited for this summer(: Thomas (ex and really good friend who moved) is coming down to visit. I am way excited! He told me he still likes me and we have made plans for this summer! I also told him that I totally regretted braking up with him, and I did it because Shilo (my ex) told me that he didn't really like me. I really wished he hadn't of moved and that we were still together. But I guess we can figure all that out over the summer(:

Thats about it (:
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