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Ehhh Boys

I am freakin done with James! He has been such a jerks :(
I gave him another chance and things were great for awhile, but this week has been hell! He just gets pissed off over every stupid little thing and sometimes he just gets mad over nothing. And I hate that we live so far away too. Yesterday he got mad at me for who knows what reason, but he didn't talk to me all day or today. Then I seen on his facebook something about getting some ass and this girl that was hot. I mean seriously!?!?!?!?! Did he really think I would not see it?!?!?
I texted him and told him he was an ass but he won't text back, and more than likely he will expect me not to even be mad.
But I am done giving him chances. I don't wanna talk to him anymore, and it really hurts.
I don't know exactly what to do...
Ewww I am so sick of boys!!!!!!! 
Tags: hurt, sad, upset

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